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Toy Boy

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MAY, 2009

Cast (in order of appearance)

Toby - Adam Lilley

Bernie - Elena Rossi

Charlie - Emma Blackman

Thomas - Stephane Middleton

Ann - Elizabeth Pinnock

Writer/Director - Sebastian Rex

The only purpose in the existence of Toby - an emotionless being who can only converse in rhyme – is to please others. However, as he falls in love and starts to develop his independence, the people who need him struggle to let him go until the tragic ending.

“and it is ideas of this sort, plus good use of swift scenes, that make Toy Boy an interesting, if finally puzzling work. But as last year’s Living With... indicated, he is a writer with distinct and intriguing vision.”

Jeremy Kingston (of The Times)

“The voice here is original and interesting, and as such I would like to read more of this writer’s work.”

(BBC WritersRoom)

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