The Woyzeck

25 September - 13 October


The Woyzeck - Ed Evans

The Drunk - Sarah Hall

The Lover - Elisa King

The Oppressor - Jamie Laird

Writer/Director - Sebastian Rex

Producer - Niamh de Valera

Designer - Anna Soboleva

Costume Design / Construction - Yaroslava Sydorenko

Original Music - James E. Anderson

Lighting Designer - Matthew Berlin

Stage Manager - Ina Berggren


7 February - 28 March


The Woyzeck - Samuel Griffiths

The Lover - Stacey Norris

The Oppressor - Ed Sheridan

The Drunk - Ryan Wichert

Producer - Venetia Twigg

Lighting Designer - Nic Farman

Photographer for flyer: Zach Ahern


Translated and Adapted from Georg Büchner by Sebastian Rex

“Well, this was a fascinating case. A fantastical case, almost. A decent murder. A real murder. A wonderful murder. A true murder in all its senses. If I’m perfectly honest with you all, this is as lovely a murder as any of us could ever wish or hope to witness.”

If morality is defined by the powerful, what happens to the ordinary man?

The Woyzeck only wants to live his life and support his lover and child. But society has other plans for him, pushing him to the point of madness.

On the eve of Georg Büchner’s bicentenary, Acting Like Mad presents a fiery new adaptation of his enduring masterpiece. Bursting with lyricism and energy, it questions, challenges and provokes, encapsulating the essence of a play that remains urgent and relevant nearly two centuries after it was first written.

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"An engaging, moving and wry piece. Part satire, part tragedy,

Acting Like Mad have made fine work of Büchner's final play...

...Sebastian Rex has pared the piece back, with powerful results."

(Views From The Gods ****)

"A chance to see Büchner's work in a new and innovative light. Sebastian Rex's inventive adaptation retains the lyrical depths of the original while re-articulating the story in an entertaining and original way...

...Rex combines the play's Kafkaesque exploration of class and oppression with a modern articulation of the absurd."

(Plays To See **** )

(The Public Reviews ****)

"A delightfully refreshing Woyzeck. Sebastian Rex’s new translation of Georg Buchner’s classic script lives on the surprise and the unexpected... This production manages to find the essence of this story about the structurally oppressed underclass and express it artistically.”

(The Cambridge Student)

"The physical work is superb, from Evans’ impersonations of animals to the balletic sex scene between the Lover and the Oppressor"

 (What’s On Stage) 

"Rex's direction is imaginative and greatly supported by Anna Soboleva's ingenious revolving stage design."

 (Morning Star)

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