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7-25 September


Cornelia Baumann

Laura Corbett

Christian Devellerez

Ido Gonen

Sarah Hall

Avita Jay

Bethen Thorpe

Billie Vee

Guy Warren-Thomas

Writer/Director - Sebastian Rex

Designer - Kasper Svenstrup Hansen

Lighting Designer - Claire Childs

Original Music - Theo Holloway

Assistant Director - Joanne Boniface

Design Assistant - Katie Bellman

Prop Making Assistant - Emma Flavel

Stage Managers - Adam Smith, Katina Saouli and Ina Berggren

Graphic Design: Ma3t

Photographer for flyer: Thomas Edwards

How to screw up a society in 40,320 ways...

“I don’t care what causes things because caring won’t do any good. There is no reason for anything. These things happened. They just did. Nothing caused them. They just happened”

A raw, provocative and absurd look at power and control. The play is written in gender-neutral language and performed by a cast of eight who will change roles every show. With 40,320 possibilities of casting - you are sure to get a different statement with every performance.


The richness of his ideas, intensity of vision and the precision of his direction confirm what I felt when I first came upon his plays, that here is a playwright with important messages to convey and with the skill and imagination to do this so vividly that the images he creates stay long in the mind.

Jeremy Kingston (Critic for The Times)

“SPARE was thought provoking, raw and yet very real.”

(Sarah Kelly, National Association for People Abused in Childhood)

“The high calibre of performance combined with excellent production values and a novel idea makes Spare a piece of outstanding theatre, and it is not to be missed and in fact I want to go back more than once.”

(Fringe Review ****)

“Innovative look at people’s actions... The acting is superb and without exception each performer makes their character for the night their own... A refreshingly different play”

(Ham&High ****)

“A brave and daring new approach to theatre, it's fortunate that Rex's skill as a director equals his ambition as a writer... Spare treads over exciting territory. Subject and style are exactly matched”

(Total Theatre)

“There is undoubtedly an interesting otherworldliness to Spare created by this sexless jumble sale... This absurd statement leaves a sickening taste at the end”

(What’s on Stage)

“The writing has clarity and style without being patronising and the staging is bold and inventive without being superficial... Sebastian Rex is an interesting and coherent writer of original theatrical pieces

(Paul Vale critic for The Stage)

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