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Living With...

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"…what is ingeniously managed throughout the play is the sharp comedy that comes from his torments, as when one of the play's three girls smashes a bottle over his head, or another crams a fistful of cake into his ever-open mouth. These episodes come as excellent theatrical surprises, so that I look forward to seeing Rex's future plays. In his direction too he draws from his good cast convincing expressions of gleeful sadism and abrupt shifts from bully to coward."

Jeremy Kingston (of The Times)

Living With… is a symbolistic play tackling ideas of addiction, disease, trust, the choices we make and how they affect us. It tells the story of a man forced to leave his beautiful flat and move into a new flat with 3 hedonistic beings who torture each other and him. Will he be able to overcome his demons and learn to live with them, or will they beat the life out of him?



Cast (in order of appearance)

O - Ido Gonen

Ingrid - Elizabeth Pinnock

Harry - Michal Lindall / Damian Sommerlad

Veronica - Emma Blackman

Maddy - Elena Rossi

Writer/Director - Sebastian Rex

Assistant Director - Sarah Elaine Stewart

Costume Designer - Lauren McCarthy

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