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Playing With...

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Toby/Harry - Ben Kettner

Bernie/Ingrid - Elena Rossi

Richard/O - Ido Gonen

Charlie/Veronica - Emma Blackman

Tom - Tom Radford

Ann/Maddy - Elizabeth Pinnock

Alisa - Stacey Lamb

Writer/Director - Sebastian Rex

Assistant Director - Natasha Nixon

Designer - Annalisa Andriani

Stage Manager - Lenny Dutton

Production Assistant - Zee Faloon

Graphic Designer - Barak Paz

Producer - Simon Beyer

A double-bill of two dark comedies where playing games is the only way for communication.

“Off-beat and Controversial”

(Dulwich on View)

“‘Toy Boy’ is an oddly disturbing piece, at times very funny, which tries to examine the complex dynamics of power, need and love that drive and underscore modern relationships.”

“Living With… quickly degenerates into a funny and frightening debauch … This is indeed the flat share from hell and hell is definitely the other people.”

(What’s On Stage)

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